Houdini Installation

NB Tricotools' Tchat has been developped under houdini 18.5 Python3. It has been tested as well under 18.0 Python2. Please prefer Python3 version

Downloading the Python Panel

You can download the tchat.pypanel file here :


Then you need to copy it into the following folder :

Linux : ~/houdini18.5/python_panels/

Windows : ~/Documents/houdini18.5/python_panels/

NB Create the python_panels/ folder if it doesn't exist

NB Adapt the path to your version of Houdini (18.0, 18.5, etc...)

NB If you are not running 18.5, edit the tchat.pypanel file and fix the path line 8 : icon="$HOME/houdini18.5/tchat_houdini/tchat_houdini/data/tchat.png" depending again on your version of Houdini

NB You need to RELAUNCH HOUDINI before next step

Installing the Python Panel

Open a Python Panel in a new tab :

Install Houdini

Go to the settings wheel and click Edit Toolbar Menu button :

Install Houdini

Select the tchat panel on the left and click on the arrow to slide it on the right :

Install Houdini

No you can select the tchat panel and you are done !

Install Houdini

Save current Desktop

Once install is done you should save your current desktop in order not to proceed again the python panel opening

Install Houdini

Now ENJOY Tricotools' Tchat !

Follow the instructions in the Sign In / Login tab tab